J&K Group Ltd., a general contractor with over 15 years of experience serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), stands apart in the industry because of a steadfast dedication to excellence and professionalism.

With a heavier focus on condominium buildings and town homes, as well as offices and commercial buildings, J&K Group will manage all facets of a construction project, both exterior and interior, bringing an approach and execution that is unmatched in the industry.

Their services range from drywall and plastering work, flooring, drop ceiling installation, millwork and framing, to paving, interlocking/patio stones, concrete work, balcony or wood-iron fence repair in the exterior area.

The GTA is undergoing a rapid expansion, with the most construction projects currently underway of any major city in North America. That’s particularly true when talking about condo towers.

For investors, particularly young families, their home purchase will likely be the most significant investment they make in their lives. More and more, people are opting for smaller square footage in exchange for the conveniences that condo living provides.

Town homes offer a bit more space, but like with condos, individuals and families want that downtown, urban lifestyle.

Keeping all that in mind, it’s tough putting a value on having an experienced, reputable general contractor at your side, and the true peace of mind that brings.

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J&K Group is a company comprised of professional general contractors, individuals who have complementary skill sets.

The business concentrates on condominium and town homes, as well as offices and commercial buildings, in the Greater Toronto Area – a boundary that goes west to Oakville, east to Newmarket, north to Aurora.

470 Champagne Dr, North York,
ON. M3J 2T9

Phone: 647.402.3590